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Functional mushrooms are known to provide powerful immune support, mental focus and balanced energy. So we elevated your daily brew with a whopping 1200mg of adaptogenic mushroom extracts in every cup. Then we invited L-theanine to join the party with its calming properties, because fun fact: when paired with coffee it delivers additional cognitive support without the crash or jitters.

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Earth & Star Decaf Mushroom Coffee

Want to enjoy mushroom coffee blend without a strong energy boost? This product by Earth & Star uses decaf coffee, so there’s no sudden alertness caused by caffeine. But lion’s mane mushroom and l-theanine will provide you with sustainable energy throughout the day. Being focused without feeling the jitters? Sign me up!

Lion’s mane is also great for improving memory and concentration. So drinking this mushroom coffee will get you prepared for a tough day at work.

With the addition of 4 other types of mushrooms, you get a drink with calming and immune system-boosting properties. Decaf mushroom coffee

Of course, you don’t have to sacrifice taste for benefits. This mushroom coffee is smooth, creamy, and tastes just like your regular brew. It comes preground, with particle size suitable for French press or drip machines.

I must say I really like the packaging of this product. It features a one-way valve, so the grounds can degas without oxygen getting in. That way, the coffee stays fresh for a long time while unopened.

The product does have a slightly more expensive price tag, but given that it’s decaf, that’s not so surprising. Decaf mushroom coffee


  • Gives you a sustainable energy boost without side effects
  • Smooth and creamy, this coffee tastes nothing like mushrooms
  • Suitable for use in the French press and drip machines
  • The one-way valve allows the grounds to degas without going stale


  • Slightly expensive, so it’s not for those on a budget
Earth & Star

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