Spore Wellness (Immune) Microdosing Mushroom Capsules

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9 reviews for Spore Wellness (Immune) Microdosing Mushroom Capsules

  1. PARKER Frank

    Have only used the cognitive so far yet assuming these will be fairly similar.

  2. DIAZ Todd

    so far, so good

  3. HERNANDEZ Louise

    This product was $59 not $47.95 and I have no real comment on the product yet at this time

  4. JENKINS Julia

    Not sure as of yet. No magic effect which is good and no unwanted side effects.

  5. PETERSON Ruth

    Have not tried yet. But if it’s like other spore wellness products I’m sure it’s good.

  6. ADAMS Anna

    Great results for me so far

  7. HOWARD Joseph

    Learned the hard way . Don’t take on a empty stomach

  8. JAMES Gregory

    Uncertain of the benefits this product had – may need to use for a longer duration?

  9. MILLER Louis

    I was pleasantly surprised by these. The synergy of medicinal mushrooms really heightened the microdose experience. I was hesitant with the 500 mg, but didn’t find it overwhelming

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